Senior Lecturer



Electric & Electrical Engineering Department
Electro-Optics & Deep-Learning Lab
Research interest:
Digital and Analog Image Processing, Signal Processing, Medical Imaging, Deep-Learning
Representative Publications:
Google Scholar link


  1. Z. Zalevsky, D. Avraham, Y.Danan. System and method for use in x-ray imaging. World Patent WO2020084612A1 2020.
  2.  Y. Danan, M. Sinvani, H. Pinhas, M. Danino. and Z. Zalevsky, “PLASMA DISPERSION EFFECT BASED SUPER-RESOLVED IMAGING IN SILICON”.
    US Patent App. 17/013,696
  3. Z Zalevsky, M. Sinvani, M. Danino, H. Pinhas, O. Wagner, Y. Danan
    "Plasma dispersion effect based super-resolved imaging"
    US Patent App. 17/013,696
  4. Y. Danan, D. Avraham and Z. Zalevsky, “Computerized tomography system”.
  5. Provisional – A. Schwarz, Al. Schwarz, A. Shemer, Y. Ovadya and Y. Danan, "Methods, Systems and Manacling Devices for Restraining Individuals," U.S. Patent application number: 63/165489.
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