Tel: +972-2-658-8000


President of Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem

Research Interests:

Molecular reaction dynamics

Information theory and applications to chemistry

Development of advanced technology teaching tools

Representative Publications:

  1. T. Raz and R.D. Levine "The essence of phase transitions in condensed matter by an information theoretic approach" PNAS, Vol 120, No. 35,  (2023)
  2. N.Cohen, D.Gohberg, O.Israelsohn Azulay, T.Tsach, Y.Hassin, T. Raz "Modelling the phenomenon of elements separation in GSR particles containing aluminum using information theory analysis and molecular dynamics simulation", Forensic Chemistry,23,100356 (2021).
  3. Raz-Nahum T., "Student Assignments for the Sciences courses Using Dedicated Software", Teaching in Academia, Journal of the Centers for Advancing Teaching, in Hebrew (2016)
  4. Luria, U. Even, W. Christen, K. Rademann and T. Raz "The Anomalous Fragmentation of Water Clusters at Ultrafast Impacts: An experimental and Theoretical Study ", Special Issue, dedicated to Prof. Klaus Rademann, Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie.  228, 437–448 (2014)
  5. T. Raz (Nahum) and R.D. Levine “Molecular Dynamics of Chemical Processes” Open University Press, in Hebrew (2008).
  6. Gross and T. Raz “Steric effects in diatomic dissociation induced by surface impact” Chem. Phys. Lett., 382, 355-360 (2003).
  7. T. Raz and R.D. Levine “Chemistry under Extreme Condition: Custer Impact Activation” Book Chapter in RA Dressler (Ed.), Chemical Dynamics in Extreme Environments. World Scientific, Singapore. P. 20-80 (2001).
  8. T. Raz and R.D. Levine, “On the Burning of Air”, Chem. Phys. Lett. 246, 405-412 (1995).
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