Associate Professor

Tel: 02-6591829



Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head of the Tribology & Biomimetic Microstructures Laboratory

Member of the Academic Council.

Member of the Scientific Research Committee.

Member of the College Management Forum.

Research Interests:

Tribology (friction, wear, lubrication), adhesive biomimetic microstructure, bio-tribology, tribology of polymers and composite materials, thermal measurement in tribology, surface and interface characterization, bio-inspired surfaces, surface treatment, surface texturing, design and assembly of customized tribological test-rig.

Representative Publications:

  1. Kasem, S. Bonnamy, B. Rousseau, H. Estrade-Szwarckopf, Y. Berthier and P. Jacquemard, "Interdependence between Wear Process, Size of Detached Particles and CO2 Production during Carbon/Carbon Composite Friction", Wear, 263 (2007) 1220-1229.
  2. Kasem, J. Thevenet, X. Boidin, M. Siroux, P. Dufrénoy, B. Desmet and Y. Desplanques, "An Emissivity-Corrected Method for the Accurate Radiometric Measurement of Transient Surface Temperatures during Braking", Tribology International, 43 (2010) 1823-1830.
  3. Kasem and Y. Cohen, “Effect of Counterface Roughness on the Friction of Bionic Wall-shaped Microstructures for Gecko-like Attachments”, Bioinspir Biomim. 2017 Aug 4; 12(4):046010. doi: 10.1088/1748-3190/aa7720.
  4. Kasem, H. Shriki, L. Ganon, M. Mizrahi, K. Abd-Rbo and A. Domb, “Effect of Rubber Plunger Surface Texturing on Dynamic Friction in Medical Syringes”, Friction,
  5. Stav, H. Kasem, R. Akhvlediani, A. Hoffman, Y. Kligerman, I. Etsion, “Simultaneous Shot-Peening of Hard and Soft Particles for Friction Reduction in Reciprocal Sliding”, Tribology International 130 (2019) 19-26.
  6. Badler, H. Kasem, “Synergetic effect of the simultaneous use of different biomimetic adhesive micro-structures on tribological performances”, Biotribology, DOI: 10.1016/j.biotri.2020.100124,
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