Dr. Yaal Lester

ד"ר יעל לסטר

Senior Lecturer

Mail:  yaalle@jce.ac.il


Head of Natural Resources and the Environment program

Research Interests:

Advanced water and wastewater treatments

Sea water desalination

Environmental redox processes

Ozoen and UV-based disinfection

Ground water contamination

Representative Publications:

  1. Blackbeard, J., Lloyd, J., Magyar, M., Mieog, J., Linden, K. and Lester, Y. (2016) Demonstrating organic contaminant removal in an ozone-based water reuse process at full scale. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2, 213.
  2. Lester, Y., Love, N., Singh, R., Aga, D. and Linden, K.G. (2016) Integrative Advanced oxidation and biofiltration for treating pharmaceuticals in wastewater. Water Environment Research 88, 1985-1993.
  3. Lester, Y., Sabacha, S., Zivan, O. and Dubowski, Y. (2017) Key environmental processes affecting the fate of the insecticide chloropyrifos applied to leaves. Chemosphere 171, 74-80.
  4. Lester, Y., Dabash, A., Eghbareya, D. (2018) UV sensitization of nitrate and sulfite: A powerful tool for groundwater remediation. Environments5, 117
  5. Lester, Y., Shaulsky, E., Epsztein, R., Zucker, I. (2020). Capacitive deionization for simultaneous removal of salt and uncharged organic contaminants from water. Separation and Purification Technology, 237, 116388
  6. Orbaum, N., Serlin, L., Mashiah, A.L., Brover, S., Sahar-Hadar, E., Lester, Y. (2020). A simplified method for the quantification of fouling on ro membranes: Implication for the selection of effective cleaning chemicals. Desalination and Water Treatment 194, 52-58

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