Phone: 02-6591880

Email: inessaai@jce.ac.il


Chairman of the Admissions Committee, Responsible for exceptional students in the IE department

Research Interests:

Deterministic Scheduling and Allocation Problems, Discrete Simulation

Representative Publications:

  1. Ainbinder. I., Pinto. G. D., Rabinowitz. G., 2019. Model Driven Decision Support System for Resource Sharing and Scheduling Problem, ICIEA the 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications, Tokyou.
  2. Ainbinder I., Pinto G., and Rabinowitz G., 2019. New Lower Bounds for Solving a Scheduling Problem with Resource Collaboration, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 127 (2019) 225-239.
  3. Ainbinder. I., Allalouf. M., Braslavski. N., Mahdizada. H., 2018. Reducing Marketplace Response Time by Scoring Workers, IEEE 11th International conference on Service Oriented Computing and Application, Paris.  
  4. Pinto G., Ainbinder I., and Rabinowitz G., 2009, A genetic algorithm to solve the resource-sharing and scheduling problem (RSSP), Computers & Industrial Engineering, 57 (2009) 1131-1143.
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