Mail address:Dr. David Avishay


Robotics, CIM and Industry 4.0 Lecturer

Academic Approval of Laboratories at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering

Research Interests:

Digital education in Industry 4.0. Lab. Digitalization – Industry 4.0: Streamline the Lab. Work Process.

Lab. From Home. Remote Education of Industrial Equipment.

Representative Publications:

  1. Adaptation between a robot with five degrees of freedom and one or two cameras in a vertical line. Determination of systematic and kinematic error. Started in 2010.
  2. Use of robotics and artificial intellect in forth industrial revolution. Started in 2017.
  3. Industry 4.0 – Robotics with elements of artificial intelligence. Started in 2018.
  4. Lab from Home: Remote Educational Operation of Industrial Equipment. Started in 2020.
  5. Lab digitalization – Industry 4.0: Streamline the lab work process. Started in 2020.
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