Dr. Aiman Abu Ammar

Senior Lecturer

Phone: +97226591835

Email: aimanab@jce.ac.il


Academic Head of the Pre-Academic Programs (Mechinot)

Member of the Academic Council

Member, Steering Committee for Arab Students

Member, Internal Appointing Committee

Member, Teaching Committee

Departmental Representative in the Academia – Industry Forum

Research Interests:

Development of delivery systems for controlled drug-release by:

  • Nanotechnology (nanoparticles and nanofibers)
  • Biomimetic surfaces for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications
  • Microneedles for minimally-invasive transdermal drug delivery

Selected Publication:

  1. Dawud, H., Edelstein-Pardo, N., Mulamukkil, K., Amir, R.J., Abu Ammar, A., 2024. Hydrogel Microneedles with Programmed Mesophase Transitions for Controlled Drug Delivery. ACS Applied Bio Materials, in press.
  2. Bader, N., Abu Ammar, A., 2024. Incorporating surfactants into PCL microneedles for sustained release of a hydrophilic model drug. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 652,123826.
  3. Fragassi, A., Greco, A., Di Francesco, M., Ceseracciu, L., Abu Ammar, A., Dvir, I., Lee Moore, T., Kasem, H. and Decuzzi, P. , 2023. Tribological behavior of shape-specific microplate-enriched synovial fluid on a linear two-axis tribometer. Friction12(3), pp.539-553.
  4. Kerrigan, L., Stewart, S.A., Domínguez-Robles, J., Brady, A.J., Abu Ammar, A., Donnelly, R.F., Permana, A.D. and Larrañeta, E., 2023. Drug delivery systems for thyroid disease treatment: A mini review on current therapies and alternative approaches. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, p.104861.
  5. Badler, D., Goltsberg, R., Abu Ammar, A. and Kasem, H., 2023. Experimental study of adhesion, friction, and peeling of biomimetic combined micro-mushroom and micro-spatulae textures. Tribology International186, p.108609.
  6. Badler, D., Kligerman, Y., Abu Ammar, A. and Kasem, H., 2023. On the integration of micro textures of different shapes for the stability of biomimetic attachment systems. Biotribology, 33-34,100234.
  7. Dawud, H., Abu Ammar, A., 2023. Rapidly Dissolving Microneedles for the Delivery of Steroid-Loaded Nanoparticles Intended for the Treatment of Inflammatory Skin Diseases. Pharmaceutics, 15(2), 526.
  8. Abu-Much, A., Darawshi, R., Dawud, H., Kasem, H., Abu Ammar, A., 2022. Preparation and characterization of flexible furosemide-loaded biodegradable microneedles for intradermal drug delivery. Biomaterials Science, 10(22), pp.6486-6499.
  9. Biswas, N.; Abu Ammar, A.,; Frušić-Zlotkin, M.; Adi-Hen, N.; Lehman-Katabi, Y.; Levi-Kalisman, Y.; Nassar, T.; Benita, S., 2021. Biodistribution and Efficacy of the Anticancer Drug, Oxaliplatin Palmitate Acetate, in Mice. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 120740.
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  11. Abu Ammar, A.,Abdel-Haq, M., Abd-Rbo, K. and Kasem, H., 2021. Developing Novel Poly (Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid)(PLGA) Films with Enhanced Adhesion Capacity by Biomimetic Mushroom-Shaped Microstructures. Biotribology, p.100184.
  12. Kabha, A., Bukchin-Tihomirov, A., Shlomi, I., Abu Ammar, A.,Bidder, M., Amiel, G. and Zussman, E., Biodegradable Controlled-Release Device for Localized Chemotherapeutic Treatment of Bladder Cancer. ACS biomaterials science & engineering.
  13. Jahshan, F., Abu Ammar, A., Ertracht, O., Eisenbach, N., Daoud, A., Sela, E., Zussman, E., Fichtman, B., Harel, A. and Gruber, M., 2021. Local Delivery of Mometasone Furoate from an Eluting Endotracheal Tube Reduces Airway Morbidity Following Long-Term Animal Intubation. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 4, 5, 4131–4139.
  14. Far, J., Abdel-Haq, M., Gruber, M. and Abu Ammar, A., 2020. Developing Biodegradable Nanoparticles Loaded with Mometasone Furoate for Potential Nasal Drug Delivery. ACS omega5(13), pp.7432-7439.
  15. Jahshan, F., Ertracht, O., Eisenbach, N., Daoud, A., Sela, E., Atar, S., Abu Ammar, A.and Gruber, M., 2020. A novel rat model for tracheal mucosal damage assessment of following long term intubation. International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology128, p.109738.
  16. Abu Ammar, A., Nasereddin, A., Ereqat, S., Dan-Goor, M., Jaffe, C.L., Zussman, E. and Abdeen, Z., 2019. Amphotericin B-loaded nanoparticles for local treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis. Drug delivery and translational research9(1), pp.76-84.
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Courses Taught in Recent Years (Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem)

  • Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacology
  • Drug Treatment of Diseases
  • Drug Delivery
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory
  • Final Pharmaceutical Engineering project
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