Aspire is a Pre-accelerator program geared towards creating a vibrant supportive community of entrepreneurial women who are looking to build a sustainable Start Up from their innovative ideas.


The Need

Jerusalem is internationally recognised as a flourishing hi-tech powerhouse, and as the hi-tech industry in Israel continues to advance and develop at an astounding rate, there is an exponential demand for highly skilled and innovative minds. However, a cursory look at the composition of the Israeli hi-tech industry indicates a definitive lack of highly skilled female entrepreneurs. Research has shown that women find it easier to overcome gender related barriers when trained in a female only environment. Aspire aims to bridge this gender gap by providing a pre-accelerator program geared to providing innovative and dynamic women with a learning environment that will encourage leadership and hone business skills.

Initiated and managed by Lili Pergamenikov and Noa Yaffe, Aspire is run by women, for women. Under the auspices of Azrieli College, AtoBe Accelerator and JLM Impact, Aspire is set to launch on May 14th , 2019.

The 10 session program will serve 15-20 women who wish to build their own startup.  We are actively seeking for students, graduates, technological or business experienced women to join us.



Aspirer's overarching goal is to provide a viable learning environment for female entrepreneurs and thus increase the number of women in leading positions in the Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship industry.

By taking part in a cutting-edge pre- accelerator program where we will facilitate entrepreneurial and innovative women to aspire and achieve the goal of developing their pioneering ideas into successful ventures. Aspire is a ten week program where participants will learn invaluable practical tools receive expert guidance as well as inspirational hands on skill building techniques

By the end of the Aspire Accelerator participants will have created their own technological project and outlined the clear economic potential which they will present at the DEMO DAY event


At the end of the program each participants Will have successfully outlined and created their project and recognised the viable points which they need to develop either by themselves or in order to be accepted to the final stage of admission to AtoBe acceleration program.

First Round:


CBD infused skin care

Entrepreneurs: Bella Isaacs, Drora Shuster, Ofira Shalom


Marketplace for students to meet their consumer needs during their college experience.

Entrepreneur: Danielle Desta


JOINN is a website that's all about empowering freelancers. We help self-made one person businesses grow by linking them to their favorite professionals in just a few clicks.

Entrepreneur: Maya Meller


HaGeven's technology revolutionizes the Dairy Market by providing the solution for REAL dairy, Animal-Free.

Entrepreneur: Sabine Sitruk


Innovative medical diagnostic technology by scanning the palm of the hand.

Entrepreneur: Alona Goldstein


Community Mapper for Crowd-Sourced Advice. we use community managing tools to increase the impact of communities and empower individuals.

Entrepreneur: Hannah Elhadad


Device that helps to diagnose Pneumonia accurately by percussion technique.

It is intended to be used by non qualified medical staff in Third World countries.

Entrepreneur: Rina Grossman


Thinking & baking play kit for Occupational Therapy Training.

Entrepreneur: Sharon Goldstein


Allergenic Ingredients Detector, scan the list of ingredients in the product, and then tells him whether he can use the product.

Entrepreneur: Hallel Davidian


An easily navigated website and app for creating personalized travel routes, based on traveler preferences and interests.  The preference analysis use machine learning and big data research.

Entrepreneurs: Anna Brody, Polina Pankratov, Diana Abramenkov


Incredibowl‘s mission is to tweak the way (many) people think & relate to sustainability.

Entrepreneur: Adi Pollack


HomeMakerz is a mobile app designed to manage, organize, and synchronize all household

related information.

It will help families share the chores load more fairly between all household members and save time by using sophisticated methods to motivate them, leveraging behavioral psychological principles and AI.

Entrepreneur: Moran Weber


AI powered predictive tool for the prediction of Anxiety

Entrepreneur: Einav Morgenstern


Nodor is a preparation that blocks odors, helping prevent nausea in pregnancy.

Entrepreneur: Poriah Strauss

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