About the Research Committee

The research committee is composed of academic and administrative faculty members and examines and approves various fields related to the research carried out by the faculty members.

committee members:

  • Chairman of the Committee – Dr. Doron Azoulay
  • Prof. Rosa Azhari
  • Prof. Tamar Raz Nahum
  • Prof. Haytam Kasem
  • Prof. Rachel Ben Eliyahu Zohary
  • Dr. Gabi Pinto
  • Eng. Michael Mizrahi
  • Committee coordinator – Danit Arian


Policy Topics

  • Procedures related to the college’s support of research activity
  • Approval of participation by faculty members in conferences and seminars throughout Israel and abroad
  • Approval general internal funding grants for research
  • Converting research hours to teaching
  • Approval of long-term training for faculty members
  • Regulation of intellectual property procedures
  • Monthly research seminars and an annual research conference


קרא עוד