AtoBe Professional Course is a program in which we teach our participants how to take a good technological idea and develop it into an up and running startup company.

We mobilize leading specialists and experienced startup entrepreneurs to share their knowledge through a series of 10 lectures and weekly assignments.

Throughout the course, you will build: a financial model, business plan, a beta product, market research, 6-minute professional pitch, and more around your technological idea. At the program’s graduation party we host a Demo Day, where the best pitches are presented to VC’s and angel investors.

This is knowledge-sharing at its best, with industry leaders sharing their experience and insights with the next generation. In addition to lectures by renowned entrepreneurs, there is a practical component, which consists of mentors presenting entrepreneurs with weekly real-world assignments in preparation for launching their startups.

 Train the Trainers” Program”

Join our list of happy customers that we’ve helped along the way! Learn how to run a successful accelerator with our mentorship and consulting services.


Professional Entrepreneurship Course for Organizations & Universities

Ten sessions covering the ten must-know topics for entrepreneurs:

-Design & user experience
-Business model
-Financial plans
-Business contracts
-Intellectual property
-Presentation skills
-Venture capital
-Business tools,
-and more!

Introduction to Entrepreneurship for High School Students and Adolescence

We Educate High School students and adolescence about the start up industry. We host an introduction to Entrepreneurship program to familiarize them in this field of startups and engineering!

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Invite your delegation and guests to learn about the hottest topics regarding the startup nation:
Building a community
Running an accelerator
Evaluating early-stage startups
Strategic ways to pick a good idea

AtoBe Startup Accelerator round # 6  is now open for Registration!


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