Engineering is an innovative profession that has developed quickly and has a promising future for many years to come. Almost all activities in modern society- automotive, banking, medicine, aviation, energy, communications and electronics – are today engineering and technology intensive.

Israel’s best natural resource is its human capital, serving as one of the largest breeding grounds for technology start-ups and innovation, second only to Silicon Valley.

As such, increasingly more international technology giants are acquiring Israeli start-ups and establishing R &D offices in Israel. (Think Google, Facebook, and others.)

Because of Israel’s fast-paced environment of innovation, engineers are a necessary component to the local workforce, yet there is a severe shortage. In fact, an October 2013 report reveals that within the next decade, there will be a shortage of roughly 7,000 engineers in Israel.

JCE Jerusalem provides its students with a first-class education and cutting-edge training that allows them to easily integrate into the workforce as engineers. To meet this goal, JCE partners with high-tech companies, such as Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Intel,

Technion, AVX, Rafa, Micron, NDS, Tower Semiconductor, among others. JCE’s Executive and Academic Committees include industry leaders, and this close connection with the industry expresses itself through:

• Development of relevant courses of study in accordance with industry needs
• Industry leaders serving as the college’s lay leadership
• Senior industry engineers teaching at the college
• Teaching labs conducted in actual industry plants
• Students’ final projects done in cooperation with industry
• Study programs offered for the industry workforce
• Industry providing sponsorship of excellent students

Our collaboration with high-tech leaders ensures and answers the industry’s urgent need for local highly qualified engineers.

Rather than have engineers commute to Jerusalem from other parts of the country, JCE Jerusalem trains students, most of whom are from the region, to serve as quality engineers, feeding directly into the high-tech work force, thus encouraging and enabling these trained professionals to remain in the city. Alumni become leaders of Jerusalem’s high-tech sector, enabling growth and prosperity for themselves, their families, the industry, and the city.

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