Azrieli College of Engineering Community English Clinic

Improve your English for academic and professional purposes

The courses in the Languages and General Studies Unit prepares future engineers to communicate effectively in English and Hebrew. Aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its action-oriented approach, students learn and use language to work through the kinds of scenarios they might encounter as engineers. These scenarios focus on the important engineering genres of descriptions, procedures, explanations, case studies, and proposals. Students become familiar with and practice these genres by learning how to effectively read, listen, and watch engineering-related material, produce their own texts using AI, and interact with others in workplace simulations. Studying languages at Azrieli helps students become active language users, ready for the real world outside the classroom.

Services are available for the entire College community:

Students – Academic members – Administrative staff

We offer sessions of 30 minutes to individuals or small groups given by one of our veteran English instructors

Guidance and Feedback on Writing Skills:

Class assignments; Lab reports; Academic

papers; Academic/business proposals; Bios;

Grants; PPTs; Posters for conferences.

Oral Skills Practice:

Meetings; Conferences; Pitch events; Interviews

General conversational proficiency

Admin Skills:


Executive communication

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