Senior Lecturer

Tel: +972-2-658-8080

Research Interests:

Algorithms, Molecular Dynamic Simulations and Machine Learning

Representative Publications:

    1. Hassin and D. Peleg. Distributed “Probabilistic Polling and Applications to Proportionate Agreement”, Journal of Information and Computation 171, 248-268 (2001).
    2. Hassin and D. Peleg. “Sparse Communication Networks and Efficient Routing in the Plane”, Journal of Distributed Computing. 14(4):205-215, 2001.
    3. Hassin and D. Peleg. “Average Probe Complexity in Quorum Systems”, J. Comput. Syst. Science 72, (2006), 592-616.
    4. Berkovitch, I. Belfer, Y. Hassin and E. Landa. “Diffraction Imaging by Multifocusing” Geophysics 74, 75-81 (2010).
    5. Hassin and D. Peleg, 20(10), “Extremal bounds for proabilistic polling in graphs”, in Proc.7th CoIIoq.on Structural Information & Communication Complexity, L'Aquila, Italy, June 2000, pp. 167-180, Carleton Univ. Press Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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