Senior Lecturer

Tel: 02-6591843



Head of the Industrial Engineering and Management Department

Research Interests:

Operation research, Operation excellence, Behavioral economics

Representative Publications:

1. Pinto, G., Ainbinder, I., and Rabinowitz, G. (2009). A Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach for Solving the Resource Sharing and Scheduling Problem, Computers and Industrial Engineering Journal, 57 (3), 1131-1143. Impact Factor 3.518, Q1.

2. Pinto, G., Israeli, U., Ainbinder, I., and Rabinowitz, G. (2010). GA for the Resource Sharing and Scheduling Problem, Global Journal on Technology & Optimization (GTO) – Transactions in Scheduling and Hybrid Optimization, 1, ISSN: 1985-9406 Online Publication. Impact Factor 0.86.

3. Pinto, G., Ben-Dov, Y. T., & Rabinowitz, G. (2013). Formulating and solving a multi-mode resource-collaboration and constrained scheduling problem (MRCCSP), Annals of Operations Research, 206 (1), 311-339.‏ Impact Factor 2.284, Q1.

4. Ainbinder, I., Pinto G.D., and Rabinowitz G. (2019), New lower bounds for solving a scheduling problem with resource collaboration, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 127, 225-239. Impact Factor 4.135, Q1.

5. Naor, M., Adler N., Pinto G.D., Dumanis A. (2020). Psychological Safety in Aviation New Product Development Teams: Case study of 737 MAX Airplane, 12 (21), Impact Factor 2.576, Q2.


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