Position: Acting Head of Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:

Optoelectronics, Super Resolution, Imaging, Energy and Green Energy Utilization, RF Imaging, Remote Sensing

Representative Publications:

  1. Shemer PRD, I. Gabay, M. Tur, A. Boag, H. Kleinman, S. Zach and Z. Zalevsky PM, “Mono-Detection Spatially Super Resolved Microwave Imaging for RADAR Applications,” Optics Communications 285(10-11): 2519-2524 (2012). (Q1, IF = 1.887, Cited 3 times)

DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2012.01.049


  1. Cohen, D. Malka, A. ShemerC, A. Shahmoon, Z. Zalevsky and M. London,” Neural networks within multi-core optic fibers” Scientific Reports6:29080 (2016) .(Q1,  IF = 4.122, Cited 9 times)

DOI: 10.1038/srep29080


  1. Ozana, D. Sagiv, N. Lipschitz -Tayar, A. Schwarz, A. ShemerC, M. Wolf and Z. Zalevsky, "Remote Optical Sensing in Otolaryngology: Middle Ear Effusion Detection," Optics Express 26(13), 16187-16199 (2018). (Q1, IF = 3.356).

      DOI: 10.1364/OE.26.016187

  1. Schwarz, A.; Shemer, A.; Danan, Y.; Bar-Shalom, R.; Avraham, H.; Zlotnik, A.; Zalevsky, Z. Gamma Radiation Imaging System via Variable and Time-Multiplexed Pinhole Arrays. Sensors2020, 20, 3013.
  1. Shemer, Z. Zalevsky, D. Mendlovic, N. Konforti, and E. Marom, "Time Multiplexing Superresolution Based on Interference Grating Projection ," Applied Optics41(35):7397-404 (2003). (Q1, IF = 1.791, Cited 29 times)

DOI: 10.1364/AO.41.007397

  1. Shemer PRD, D. Mendlovic, Z. Zalevsky, J. Garcia, and P. Garcia Martinez, "Superresolving Optical System with Time Multiplexing and Computer Decoding ," Applied Optics38(35):7245-51, (2000). (Q1, IF = 1.791, Cited 68 times).

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