Faculty member

Research interests:

Theoretical computer science in general. In particular: pseudorandomness, error-correcting codes, randomness extractors, quantum computing.

Representative Publications:

1. Near-optimal erasure list-decodable codes

A. Ben-Aroya, D. Doron and A. Ta-Shma

IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity (CCC) 2020

2. Two-source condensers with low error and small entropy gap via entropy-resilient functions

A. Ben-Aroya, G. Cohen, D. Doron and A. Ta-Shma

International Conference on Randomization and Computation (RANDOM 2019)

3. An Efficient Reduction From Two-Source to Non-Malleable Extractors: Achieving Near-Logarithmic Min-Entropy

A. Ben-Aroya, D. Doron and A. Ta-Shma

SIAM Journal on Computing 2019 (STOC 2017 special issue)

4. Constructing Small-Bias Sets from Algebraic-Geometric Codes [link]

A. Ben-Aroya and A. Ta-Shma

Theory of Computing, 9(5), 253-272, 2013

5.  A Hypercontractive Inequality for Matrix-Valued Functions with Applications to Quantum Computing and LDCs [link]

A. Ben-Aroya, O. Regev and R. de Wolf

IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) 2008

6. A Combinatorial Construction of Almost-Ramanujan Graphs Using the Zig-Zag Product

A. Ben-Aroya and A. Ta-Shma

SIAM Journal on Computing, 40(2), 267-290, 2011

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