Prof. Rachel Ben-Eliyahu-Zohary

Prof. Rachel Ben-Eliyahu-Zohary

Associate Professor

Department of Software Engineering
Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem
POB 3566, Jerusalem 9103501, Israel
Tel: 972-2-6588075
Fax: 972-153-50-888-3325



Academic Staff
Head, Department of Software Engineering

Research Interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Knowledge Representation.
  • Knowledge Discovery.

Representative Publications:

  1. Rachel Ben-Eliyahu and Rina Dechter, “Propositional semantics for disjunctive logic programs”, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, volume 12, pp. 53-87,1994.
  2. Rachel Ben-Eliyahu and Menachem Magidor, “A temporal logic for proving properties of topologically general executions”, Information and Computation, volume 124(2), pp. 127-144, 1996.
  3. Shai Ben-David and Rachel Ben-Eliyahu, “A modal logic for subjective default reasoning”, Artificial Intelligence, volume 116(1-2), pp. 217-236, 2000.
  4. Rachel Ben-Eliyahu, “A demand-driven algorithm for generating minimal models”, Artificial Intelligence, volume 169 pages 1-22, 2005.
  5. Angiulli, R. Ben-Eliyahu – Zohary, and L. Palopoli, “Outlier detection in simple default theories” . Artificial Intelligence, volume 174 (15), pages 1247-1253 , 2010.


CV- Prof. Rachel Ben-Eliyahu-Zohary

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