Prof. Pinchas Mandelbaum

Prof. Pinchas Mandelbaum

Associate Professor

Department Electronic Engineering
Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem
POB 3566, Jerusalem 9103501, Israel
Tel: +972-2-658-8000 (x246)



Academic Staff
Vice Chair, Department of Electronics Engineering

Research Interests:

  • XUV spectroscopy
  • Atomic processes in hot plasma
  • Modeling of astrophysical and laboratory plasmas

Recent Publications:

  1. Mandelbaum, M. Finkenthal, J.L. Schwob and M. Klapisch, “Interpretation of the quasi-continuum band emitted by highly ionized rare earth elements in the 70-100 ? range”, Phys. Rev. A35,5051(1987).
  2. Feldman, P. Mandelbaum ,J.F. Seely, G.A. Doschek and H. Gursky, “The potential for plasma diagnostics from stellar extreme Ultraviolet observations”, The Astr. J. Supp. 81,387(1992).
  3. Marcus,E. Louzon, Z. Henis, S. Maman and P. Mandelbaum,”Analysis of the x-ray spectrum emitted by laser-produced plasma of dysprosium”, J. of the Optical Society of America B, 24,1187(2007).
  4. Radtke, C. Biederman, G. Fussman, J.L. Schwob, P. Mandelbaum and R. Doron, “Measured line spectra and calculated atomic physics data for highly charged tungsten ions”, Atomic and Plasma-Material interaction Data for Fusion, IAEA, Vienna,13,45(2007).
  5. Mandelbaum and J. L. Schwob, “Excitation-autoionization cross sections and rate coefficients for Ga-like ions “, The European Physical Journal D, 49,173 (2008).

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