Dr. Rakefet Ofek Almog

Dr. Rakefet Ofek Almog


Department of Advanced Materials Engineering
Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem
POB 5366. Jerusalem 9103501, Israel
Tel: 972-2-6588000 extension 5530
Mail: rakefetof@jce.ac.il
Web: www.jce.ac.il


Academic Staff
Head of Discipline Committee

Research Areas:

  • Polymers and composite materials.
  • Development of novel electrodes.
  • Microelectronics.
  • Electrochemistry.
  • Multilayer structures.


Representative publications:

  1. Ofek Almog, R. Pandey, Y. Sverdlov, Y. Shacham-Diamand “Gold Nanoparticle Metallization of Flexible Conducting Polymer Electrode, ECS Trans.  66(19), (2015) pp. 1-11
  2. Ofek Almog, Y. Sverdlov, Y. Shacham-Diamand et.al, “Integrated polypyrrole electrodes for bio-chips and MEMS applications," Journal of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 850482, doi:10.1155/2012/850482
  3. Ben-Yoav, R. Ofek Almog , Y. Sverdlov, M. Sternheim, S. Belkin, A. Freeman, Y. Shacham-Diamand, “Modified working electrodes for electrochemical whole-cell microchips”, Electrochimica Acta Vol. 82, (2012), pp. 109–114, Available online
  4. Ofek Almog, Y. Sverdlov, N. Fishelson and Y. Shacham-Diamand, “Electrochemical Micro Technologies for Polymeric MEMS and Biochip Applications”, ECS Trans. 25 (16), (2010) pp. 17-21.
  5. Shacham-Diamand, S. Krylov, T. Shmilovich, R. Ofek Almog, N. Fishelson, Y. Sverdlov, I. Torchinsky, G. Rosenman, A. Inberg and O. Berkh, "Metallization Technologies and Strategies for Plastic Based Biochips, Sensors and Actuators for Healthcare and Medical Applications”, ECS Trans. 23 (1), (2009) pp. 243 – 254.
  6. Ofek Almog, Y. Sverdlov, I. Goldfarb and Y. Shacham-Diamand, "CoWBP Capping Barrier Layer for sub 90 nm Cu Interconnects", Microelectron Eng. ,Vol. 84 , (11), (2007) ,pp. 2450-2454.
  7. Shacham-Diamand , Y. Sverdlov, V. Bogush and R. Ofek-Almog, "A surface adsorption model for electroless cobalt alloy thin films", J Solid State Electr, Vol. 11, No. 7, 2007, p 929-938. (10)

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