Dr. Hagit Last

Dr. Hagit Last


Mathematics Area
Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem
POB 3566, Jerusalem 9103501, Israel
Tel: + 972-2-658-800 ext. 8317
Mail: hagitl@jce.ac.il
Web: www.jce.ac.il


Academic Staff

Research Interests:

  • Turan type problems for geometric graphs.
  • Problems in combinatorial and computational geometry.
  • Complexity of arrangements of curves in the plain.
  • Isoperimetric problems in the n-cube.

Recent Publications:

  1. M. Katchalski and H. Last, On geometric graghs with no two edges in convex position, Discrete Comput. Geom. 19, 399-404, 1998.
  2. N. Alon, H. Last, R. Pinchasi, and M. Sharir, On the complexity of arrangements of circles in the plain, Discrete Comput. Geom., 26, 465-492, 2001.
  3. H. Last, Two proofs for Sylvester's problem using an allowable sequence of permutations, Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, MSRI publications, 52, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2005, pp. 433-437.
  4. H. Last and R. Pinchasi, At Least n-1 intersection points in a connected family of n unit circles in the plane, Discrete Comput. Geom., 38, 321-354, 2007.
  5. R. Guelman-Zigdon and H. Last, A geometric proof of an isoperimetric result by Ahlswede and Katona, preprint.

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