Digital Communication
קוד קורס:42001
3.5 נ"ז

What is Digital Communications? A Quick Bit of History; Introduction to Communication Channels; Modulation-Dfinitions: Analog (AM and FM) and Digital Modulations, The Telephone and Twisted-Pair Channels, The Wireless Fading Channel- FDMA, TDMA, FDD, TDD; Nyquist Signals: Review, Probability of Error, Linear Equalization, Partial Response Signals; Signal Space: Orthonormal Basis; Digital Modulations: BPSK, QPSK, MPSK, QAM, BFSK, MFSK; Statistical Decision Theory: Likelihood Ratio; Optimum Decision Rules: General Problem; Optimum Detection of Known Binary Signals in AWGN Channles; Correlation Detection: Probability of Error; Matched Filter: Review; QPSK, SQPSK, MSK; M-ary Signals: MPSK, PAM, QAM, MFSK, Detection in Signal Space, Probability of Error, Nyquist Shaping; Introduction to Information Theory: Capacity of the Bandlimited Channel, Why Code?; Introduction-Multitone and OFDM; Introduction to the Viterbi Algorithm; Introduction to Trellis Coding; Optimum Non-Coherent Detection; Continuous Phase Modulation-CPM; Coherent Detection, GMSK, TFM, GTFM, Adjacent Channel Crosstalk; CDMA; Introduction to DFE.

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